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The West Liberty Chamber of Commerce welcomes you and your business and looks forward to working with you in meeting your business needs. The Board of Directors, Chamber members and staff wish you and your business the very best and will do everything possible to partner with you in that effort.

Contact Stephanie Martin at (319) 627-4876 or for membership information or complete this form and mail it to the address provided.

Why Join?

  • Chamber unifies the public spirit of the community
  • Business stake in the community is best safeguarded by working with other Chamber members to protect and advance business
  • Your participation enables Chamber to carry out its broad program of work in the community and provides you with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that you are contributing to your business community growth
  • Chamber’s “Shop Locally” promotion contributes to city prosperity
  • Be part of the success story–be an active member in the West Liberty Chamber of Commerce!  


$1,200per year


$600per year


$300per year


$200per year

In Home

$85per year

Individuals and Non-Profits

$50per year