Board of Directors

Seat Type Name Term Begin Term End Term Extensions
President Donna Alberti 2022 2024
Vice President Heather Wisman 2023 2025
Past President Cassie Rottink 2021 2023 Past Pres 2024
Secretary Kayla Stumpf 2023 2025
Treasurer Jason Feldman 2022 2024
General Mary Jo Lugo 2023 2025
General Father Guillermo Trevino Jr 2022 2024
General Oscar Martinez 2024 2026
General Sam Morel 2024 2026
General Allie Paarsmith 2024 2026
Industry Rep: Shawna Laughlin, West Liberty Foods
School District Rep: Shaun Kruger, Superintendent
WeLEAD Rep: Ken Brooks
City of West Liberty Rep: Brittany Woodson
Chamber Director

General Directors have a three year term but can be extended one year by choice or by adding President and Past-President years of service.
Industry and School Representatives are appointed by their employer and serve until they are replaced.